08 September 2012

My toe in the water with Fantasy- a Brettonian/Empire army

The first Brettonian/Empire plastic dude....

I blew the dust of my blogspot... TA-DA!

Been a while, been busy with life and totally forgetting to update my blog.  so here we are.  There was a tournament in the spring that I wanted to go to, the Kalm Before the Waaaagh!  (a very awesome tournament BTW), but I wanted to go with a 100% painted force.  So I tallied up the d'orks that I had on hand painted and came up with a list around that.  Was it competitive?  no, not really, but I am more of a fun player versus a "IMMA KICK YOUR ASS WITH MAH AWESOMEZ LIST" sort of player. Give me a beer (or 12) and good convo, and BOOM instant fun time gaming.... But I digress, here's the stuff I worked on:

03 April 2012

moar objective markers... MOAR!

Objective markers.

Good ol' Zogwort

He doesn't see much action, but he's a model that I had to paint up.  What basically has started off as a GW finecast wierdboy (which had the misfortune of a horrible casting, so there were bubbles, missing detail, etc.- but GW customer service was excellent and sent me a replacement wierdboy and let me keep the miscast).  So, with there not being an official model for Zogwort, I got to try my hand at some green stuff work and some minor tweaks to the original model.

I was able to complete Zogwort and get him ready to go.  Overall I'm pleased with the mini, obviously in hindsight there are things I would have done differently, but on a whole, I think it looks pretty good and I feel that it captures what he's all about.  enjoy.

it's been far too long to not post on here...

It is utterly amazing how much life can take away from my nerd hobby.  Between work and home projects, I've been covered up.  That isn't to say that I haven't been working on hobby projects, I've been working on quite a few:

18 January 2012

the long awaited return of the KANS!

While the Kans have been done for some time, I've never gotten them in front of the camera for some shots.  Keeping with the ramshackle theme, the orks have cannibalized defeated foes for the armor plating.  As with the other ork vehicles, I was compelled to add some TEXAS flavor to them.  So, all of the DCCW's are face-chewing proud Texans!  Lots 'o pics incoming!  WAAAAAAGH!!!

who wants khorne flakes? KHORNE FLAKES!

I know who wants khorne flakes, it's Roger.  Roger is the first berserker that will be sporting the new and improved look.