08 September 2012

My toe in the water with Fantasy- a Brettonian/Empire army

The first Brettonian/Empire plastic dude....

Having played Orks and Chaos for 40K, I wanted to switch gears a bit with Fantasy and play a good guy.  I chose Brettonia- but caveat that with wanting to use the really cool looking empire models versus the stoic/ stagnant poses of the Brettonians.  So, through some trial and error, I've managed to complete my first entrant of the army- the Paladin/General. Tons of fun to paint, a pretty quick paint as well.
This was also the first foray into using alcohol based metallics from Vallejo.  Quite interesting, not nearly as scary as people made them out to be... just so long as you follow the rules with using them.

Here you go:

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